Our Story

Do you know what the secret to a dynamic, fast-growing, productive and successful company is? Empowering its employees with the tools they need to be happy, relaxed, and in a position to truly enjoy their work – and to perform it to the best of their abilities.

We aim to be considered a “great place to work”, especially for young, promising, and talented people who are constantly seeking to strike the right balance between “work hard, play hard”. Keep reading to discover how we achieve this, time and again.

How Bitgray Labs was born

Founded in 2011 as software development startup BitGray, we rapidly evolved and grew, and are now operating under the name “Bitgray Labs”. A new name, a new logo, a new brand – but rooted in the same, solid principles that drove us in our early days. Knowledge, collaboration, and excellence: this is what moves us, this is what we offer, and this is what we strive to achieve in every single one of our projects.

Meet our leadership team

Get to know some of the people who make Bitgray Labs the only development company you want to work with.

Chief Technology Officer

Atlanta, Georgia


Atlanta, Georgia

Chief Financial Officer

Atlanta, Georgia

Chief Architect Officer

Atlanta, Georgia

Product Owner

Eindhoven, Netherlands

Chief Operating Officer

Bogotá, Colombia

Local presence, global reach

With our headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, and development teams across Colombia, Costa Rica, and India, we give our clients the best of both worlds – a local presence with a global reach. This enables us to create a solid network of strategic partners in all these countries, as well as support different clients and projects, using a range of technologies

Check out our numbers

5, 12 and 2 are our magic numbers right now. Bitgray Labs is active in 5 countries, has 12 clients and 2 partners. Stay tuned, though – these figures are going to skyrocket soon!




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